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Past Projects:

Digging the 300 meter trench
for the water pipe.

In December 2007 Dr. Sohn raised $15,000 and in connection with Engineers Without Borders Nigeria, was able to provide clean drinking water to the Buzu people for the first time in their history. Previous to the Buzu Water Project, supply of water was from a polluted river 500 meters away. Now they have filtered water from one tap in the centre of the village.



The People of Guelph Canada Garden
in full growth
Dr Sohn buying a camel

Now that they have water in the village, a fruit and vegetable garden has been started. With sun, warmth and the water now available, the plants are growing well and increasing their nutrition. The whole project cost $10,000 and fundraising for this in Guelph was effortlessly successful.

Dr. Sohn went to local markets with the Buzu elders and with the remaining $5000 bought 2 camels, 2 cows, 3 goats, 10 chickens, and 5 sheep. These animals have been very productive in food and labour for the Buzu tribe.


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